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  • PREPs identify and help curate real estate opportunities to their friends, family and colleagues

  • PREPs work with property owners, real estate brokerages, and landlords to market and promote properties for sale or rent

  • PREPs are part of the growing importance of social media marketing in the real estate industry; leveraging their social networks to promote real estate. It’s 2015 and the real estate distribution and sales model remains unchanged. Propzy together with its PREP network aims to transform how people buy and sell real estate.


Be your own boss: You choose when to work and where to work. You decide your workload and work at your own pace. You’re the boss.

Get paid for connecting your friends, family and colleagues to good real estate opportunities for sale or rent.

Earn money for doing real estate without the hassle of being a real estate agent.

Authorize your Facebook account to connect with Propzy. We’ll then work with you to gather some additional personal information such as contact info and preferred payment methods.

Make your PREP profile stand out by offering tidbits about yourself that highlight your expertise or illustrates your personality. Creating an attractive profile helps get homeowners or brokers looking to sell their properties to request your promotional assistance as a PREP. More deals means more potential earnings.

You are ready now! Get onto the app. Discover the thousands of amazing real estate listings on Propzy just waiting for you to connect with your friends, family and colleagues. Identify those that may be of interest to your social network. Add in some commentary or highlights to the listing and then start sharing!

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